T1 Mall of Tallinn will bring the best chefs, bartenders and flavours together for a week

Aprill 20

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On 20th April, Taste of Tallinn, the restaurant area of T1 Mall of Tallinn, will launch the special project “Trip Around the Plate”, which will bring here top chefs from home and abroad, open 7 new restaurants and 7 new bars for one week, and serve the best desserts.  

 Taste of Tallinn, which unites all 32 different restaurants of T1 Mall of Tallinn to a unique set of eating places, will begin to delight its friends and visitors with special culinary projects. “Trip Around the Plate” is the first one of them, which will bring fresh tastes and many special guests to several TOT’s restaurants from 20th to 26th of April.

Allan Remmelkoor, the head of T1 Mall of Tallinn and the developer of the centre, Member of the Board of Pro Kapital Grupp: “Our center aims to be the importer of new ideas and trends in both commerce and entertainment. The Ferris wheel unique to Europe is open. Now we will start with a series of events with which we want to introduce new and various countries’ food trends, and “Trip Around the Plate” is a dignified kick-off for the series.”

b The most international and exclusive program awaits guests at the restaurant PELM, where the top chefs from the best restaurants in St. Petersburg and Tallinn serve their best tastes every day of the week.

  • On 20th April at 14-17, Artjom Grebenštšikov, the Master Chef and one of the owners of Bourgeois Bohemians or BoBo, the best restaurant in St. Petersburg, will offer his special menu, which consists of simple and clean flavours in a very unique key.
  • On 21st April at 14-17, Pelm’s kitchen will be hijacked by Andrei Šmakov, who comes from Estonia and is a known chef here as well, and in recent years, has taken Moscow’s legendary hotel Metropol’s restaurant Savva to the top of Russia’s restaurant world. Šmakov uses a wide range of versatile and new techniques in the preparation of food, resulting in dishes finished to ultimate detail and finest flavours.
  • On 22nd April at 14-17, Roman Redman, one of St. Petersburg’s – the city on the banks of the Neva – best meat specialists at the famous restaurant Meateria Chuck will step in front of the guests. This is a robustly effective restaurant where they value meat and everything that best highlights the tastes of different cuts.
  • On 23rd April at 17-20, you can enjoy delicacies prepared by Dmitri Žuk, the Master Chef of Tallinn’s gastro bar TarTar, under the hands of whom simple and fresh tartars full of fantasy are prepared from various raw produce.
  • On 24th April at 17-20, Dmitri Haljukovfrom the restaurant Cru in Tallinn will show his best skills. Dmitri is able to search for and find local raw produce that other restaurants use less or not at all. He serves dishes full of fantasy that often have humorous names. And he always uses the raw produce to the maximum. As a result, Cru’s dishes stand out from other restaurants.
  • On 25th April at 17-20, Vadim Pärn, the Master Chef of Tallinn’s newest restaurant Jahu will be present, under whose leadership self-made pasta and food prepared according to the phases of the Moon are served next to Balti Jaama Market.
  • On 26th April at 17-20, Pavel Gurjanov, whose restaurant Söe operates in the Three Sisters Boutique Hotel in the Old Town of Tallinn, will finish the special program of Pelm. This master chef has a distinctly unique way of cooking. Dishes made using a wide variety of techniques are always tasteful and effectively served. The price-quality ratio of the restaurant is one of the best among Tallinn’s gourmet restaurants.

The sweetest tastes await guests on 20th April around the cafe Pavlova.At 14-20, there will be “Dansukker Desserts & Bubbles Lounge”, which includes Estonia’s best desserts, champagne at affordable prices, good music, sweet offers and nice experiences. The festival has also thought of the smallest ones so that parents could eat cake and drink champagne.

The best delicacies are provided by the masters from Heidi Park Confectioner, the confectionery studio Lushama and cafe Pavlova, which do not need a long introduction to the real gourmands of Tallinn. Champagne is served with the cake by Chocolate & Champagne, who brings champagne made in the region of Champagne, France, to Estonia at a reasonable price. There will also be a mini-festival including a book presentation of the next work “Eesti Naise kokaraamat” by Lia Virus,a well-known author of cookbooks, at the book store “Raamatukodu”.

The wildest drinks during the week are served at the T1 Rooftop Bar where seven famous bars from Tallinn and St. Petersburg will be moving for a week with internationally renowned and recognized bartenders. This is designed primarily for cocktail gourmets, but also for all other TOT restaurant guests who wish to enjoy special tastes with a million dollar view of Tallinn, after dinner or a long workday.

It is namely in the T1 Rooftop Bar where on 20th April the opening party of the TOT week “Trip Around the Plate” will take place, where cocktails will be stirred by Artjom Peruk,the head bartender at “El Copitas”, a St. Petersburg’s bar belonging to the world TOP 50. Also from the well-known St. Petersburg bar ”Poltory Komnaty“,Vladimir Nikolaevwill come,whose magic drinks will tie up the ends of the special project “Trip Around the Plate” a week later, on April 26th. On rest of the days, guests of the rooftop bar will be hosted by bartenders from well-known and renowned joints in Tallinn and Tartu, such as:

  • 21st April at 18-21 – Whisper Sister, Tallinn
  • 22nd April at 18-21 – Kolm Tilli and head bartender Regeri Zoo, Tartu
  • 23rd April at 18-21 – Tabac, Tallinn
  • 24th April at 18-21 – Koma, Tallinn
  • 25th April at 18-21 – Mixology, Tallinn


Aivar Hanson, the publisher of the restaurant guide “White Guide” in the Baltic States, and the portal “Eesti Maitsed”: “Over the last couple of years, St. Petersburg has become more Nordic in its food service than the Nordic countries themselves. Previously, high-end décor restaurants were dominating, offering costly food made mainly from expensive foreign raw produce. The menus were extremely long. One restaurant served the cuisine of several different countries at the same time. Although everything was expensive, the restaurant experience was not much of a big deal. Restaurants were more used for showing yourself than for eating.

Then the bold new generation came that transformed restaurants into open-kitchen establishments, where chefs interact with people while food is being made, and local and northern raw produce is honoured. The northern part of Russia extends from Murmansk to Kamchatka, and offers an exceptionally wide range of raw produce from bear meat to Kamchatka crab, not to mention the richness of raw vegetable produce.

The four seasons are the biggest value of Nordic nature. Making the best-skilled food from fresh local ingredients is a principle that connects good restaurants and good chefs across borders. The dishes of seven such restaurants will be in Pelm’s menu for the week.”


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