These Ordering Terms and Conditions apply to legal relations upon ordering gift cards via the ordering environment on the website (hereinafter Website) managed by Tallinna Moekombinaat AS (hereinafter T1 Mall of Tallinn).

In addition to these Ordering Terms and Conditions, the relations between the Client and T1 Mall of Tallinn are governed by laws of the Republic of Estonia and T1 Mall of Tallinn’s rules for processing customer data (Privacy Policy), available at


Ordering a Gift Card on the Website

The Client may choose the value of a gift card (i.e. the amount credited to a card) within the range of 10 to 300 euros. The Client must enter the desired amount in the gift card value field.

The Client then selects the payment method and delivery method for the gift card. Before final confirmation, the order is displayed to the Client for examination and corrections, if any. After examining the order, the Client confirms the order.

The gift card amount includes VAT. A delivery fee is added to the price of the gift card, depending on the delivery method chosen by the Client.

The Client can use a bank link to pay T1 Mall of Tallinn for the gift card. An agreement between the Client and T1 Mall of Tallinn shall be deemed concluded after the Client has confirmed the order and T1 Mall of Tallinn has issued an order confirmation to the Client. The order enters into force when the gift card is sent out to the Client.


Gift Card Delivery

T1 Mall of Tallinn delivers the ordered gift card to the Client, using the delivery method selected by the Client: either a SmartPOST or Omniva parcel terminal or by courier.

The Client selects the delivery method upon submitting an order. The fixed delivery fees are shown in the pricelist displayed to the Client upon submitting an order.


Delivery to an Omniva parcel terminal costs 2.90 €.

Delivery to a SmartPOST parcel terminal costs 2.90 €.


Gift Card Delivery Time

The gift card is delivered to the Client within 1-5 working days. In case of any delivery delay, the Client will be contacted as soon as possible.

When the gift card has arrived at a parcel terminal, the Client receives a mobile message and/or e-mail containing the location of the parcel terminal, opening hours and a personal keycode. After entering the code on the touchscreen of a parcel terminal, a door opens in the parcel terminal and the Client can collect the parcel. Parcels are stored in a SmartPOST or Omniva parcel terminal for free for 7 days after a mobile message and/or e-mail is sent to the client. If the parcel is not collected, the Client will receive 2 more reminder messages. If the Client has not collected the parcel within 7 calendar days, the gift card will be returned and the Client must pay for the parcel terminal service again.


Checking the Gift Card Balance

The balance of a gift card can be checked in the gift card machines at T1 Mall of Tallinn, or online at


Consumer’s Right of Withdrawal

A Client who is a consumer (hereinafter Consumer) may withdraw from a gift card order with or without cause within 14 calendar days from confirming the gift card order. For withdrawal, a Consumer must fill in a withdrawal application available HERE and send it to T1 Mall of Tallinn at .

If a Consumer withdraws from a gift card order, the Consumer shall be obliged to return the gift card, unused and undamaged, immediately after the receipt thereof, but not later than within 14 days after submitting the withdrawal application. The Consumer shall return the gift card to: T1 Mall of Tallinn, Peterburi tee 2, Tallinn 11415. Upon withdrawal from a gift card order, the Consumer shall cover the cost of returning the gift card.

T1 Mall of Tallinn shall refund the amount paid for the gift card to the Consumer. T1 Mall of Tallinn shall refund the amount within 14 calendar days after receipt of the widthrawal application, but not sooner than 3 working days after receipt of the gift card returned by the Client. T1 Mall of Tallinn shall refund the amount by the same method of payment that a Client for payment, unless the Client has expressly consented to another payment method, and provided that the Client shall not incur any fees or other expenses upon such refund.


Client’s Rights

A gift card sent to a Client shall be correct and complete and in compliance with the terms and conditions established by T1 Mall of Tallinn.


Client’s Obligations

Upon submitting an order, a Client shall provide the following information necessary for fulfilling the order: given name and surname, exact address (street, building no., apartment no., postal code, city/town or village/county) and e-mail address.

If the information provided by the Client is incorrect and/or incomplete, T1 Mall of Tallinn cannot guarantee the proper fulfillment of the gift card order. If possible, T1 Mall of Tallinn will contact the Client to clarify incorrect or incomplete information.

Upon submitting an order, the Client acknowledges and accepts these Ordering Terms and Conditions and undertakes to observe them.


T1 Mall of Tallinn’s Rights

T1 Mall of Tallinn has the right to amend the Ordering Terms and Conditions without prior notice by publishing the new terms and conditions in the ordering environment.


T1 Mall of Tallinn’s Obligations

T1 Mall of Tallinn shall deliver a correct and complete gift card to the Client and shall accept and record any complaints filed by the Client. T1 Mall of Tallinn shall settle the Client’s complaint within 7 working days, if the reasons of the complaint are not related to the Client. If the reason of a complaint is related to the Client, the Client shall immediately remedy the situation. T1 Mall of Tallinn shall replace defective gift cards.

Any differences between the parties shall be settled by mutual negotiations. If negotiations fail and the Client wishes to proceed with a complaint, the Client may contact the Consumer Disputes Committee of the Consumer Protection Board at Rahukohtu 2, Tallinn 10130 or at The Consumer Disputes Committee is authorised to settle disputes arising from an agreement between a consumer and an economic operator if the parties have failed to settle such dispute by negotiations. Review of complaints by the Committee is free for the parties.

In case of any questions, please e-mail us at .


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