BabyBack Ribs & BBQ

BabyBack Ribs & BBQ is the oldest and best-known family restaurant in Estonia with an appetising offer of American dishes for the old and young, from light salads to smoky meats slow-cooked in genuine American BBQ ovens.

Banana Leaf

Welcome to Banana Leaf, the first South Indian restaurant in the Baltics!

Boost Juice Bars

Boost Juice Bars offers fresh juices and smoothies blended from fresh fruit and frozen low-fat yoghurt containing live active cultures.

Brioche Cafe

  • FOOD



CeCee Cafe

CeCee Cafe is a relaxed street café in the second-floor atrium, serving a wide range of coffee beverages, but also tasty blended drinks and always fresh pies and cakes.

Päevapraad päevapakkumine tallinn

Chakra T1

You are welcome to enjoy authentic Indian cuisine in our cosy Chakra Restaurant.

Coffee In and Yo! frozen yoghurt

We believe that no coffee machine can ever beat the skills of a good barista. Freshly roasted and ground beans and handcrafted coffee beverages are our specialty.

Da Vinci Pasta & Pizza Restaurant

The Da Vinci Pasta & Pizza chain of restaurants is devoted to promoting Italian food and drink culture in Estonia. Our menu is founded on traditional Italian recipes.

Dziugas House

The DŽIUGAS® House coffee shop has the widest selection of top-quality DŽIUGAS® cheeses at best prices.


Restaurant with a cosy atmosphere and a diverse menu. Our menu includes everyone’s favourites: Australian Black Angus beef, fresh seafood, street food burgers, delicious creamy pastas and much more.

Gan Bei

Gan Bei offers a varied menu that includes dishes with a delicate flavor and a touch of spice.

GARAGE Interactive Café

Garage is a modern café with a character, offering juicy specialty hamburgers.


HELK Restaurant

A new cosy family restaurant where children adventure in Lotte playgrounds and grown-ups can venture back to childhood.

HIPS resto

HIPS is a new, cool and neat restaurant located at the 4th floor of T1 Center. We are the „younger sister“ of the popular restaurant Pelm and our staff in Hips is as cool and professional as in Pelm. Our concept is „slow fast food“ which means that we are offering hipster-styled and high quality street food that has been only made of the best local products based on the recipes developed by Konstantin Kisseljov, our wonderful food magician and master chef. The author of the interior design of Hips is acknowledged designer Aet Piel.


Homepastries offers a selection of finest cookies and sweet and savoury pastries.

Kamikadze Grill-Restaurant


Kebabi Wabrik

The Kebabi Wabrik eatery offers a pleasant atmosphere and delicious Estonian-style natural pork kebabs.


Mama’s Churro

First real churro café in Estonia! We serve fresh churros with chocolate and soft ice-cream. Hot and cool drinks, too.

Olaf Cafe • Resto

Olaf Cafe • Resto is a passionately Scandinavian modern soul food restaurant with a high-end menu and nice relaxed atmosphere.

Pagaripoisid Café

Pagaripoisid Café offers a wide range of products for everyday feasting and festive events.


Freshly baked every day, with a crispy meringue crust and marshmallow-like centre, combined with sugarfree whipped cream and fresh berries in a perfect dessert!

Peak Cafe

Peak Cafe was born out of love for modern European cuisine, with added taste nuances from Estonia and Scandinavia, seasonal influences and innovative ideas.

Pelm Restaurant

House-made pelmeni are the food hit at Pelm Restaurant.

PELMEN käsitöö kohvik

PELMEN artisan coffee-shop brings together what’s most important: local ingredients, artisan skills and traditions.

Restaurant and café Claudz

Super Skypark’s family restaurant offers reasonably priced tray lunches as well as pizzas, pastas and woks à la carte.

Robert’s Coffee T1

A cosy cafe on the ground floor of the mall, offering mostly fresh roasted coffees, teas and house-made gelato for your enjoyment.

SÜSI Grill & Chill

SÜSI Grill & Chill offers grilled delicacies from a charcoal Josper oven, house made burgers, street food, pastas, fresh salads, vegan food and flamboyant desserts.


Our restaurants offer an exciting and enjoyable symbiosis of traditional Japanese food culture and bits of modern Estonia.


Tasty, crispy and juicy chicken. Healthy salads. Free refill on soft drinks.