Boost Juice Bars

Boost Juice Bars offers fresh juices and smoothies blended from fresh fruit and frozen low-fat yoghurt containing live active cultures.

Coffee In and Yo! frozen yoghurt

We believe that no coffee machine can ever beat the skills of a good barista. Freshly roasted and ground beans and handcrafted coffee beverages are our specialty.

Da Vinci Caffé * Gelato * Dolci

Da Vinci Caffé * Gelato * Dolci is a chain of coffee shops devoted to promoting Italian food culture in Estonia.

Dziugas House

The DŽIUGAS® House coffee shop has the widest selection of top-quality DŽIUGAS® cheeses at best prices.

FLOW bowl

We are a domestic brand inspired by travel. A cafe and bar of positive emotions aiming to bring people closer to the nature – one bite at a time.

GARAGE Interactive Café

Garage is a modern café with a character, offering juicy specialty hamburgers.


Gustav Gastro Café

We treat our guests to a rich menu, pleasant atmosphere and the best food.


Homepastries offers a selection of finest cookies and sweet and savoury pastries.

Mama’s Churro

First real churro café in Estonia! We serve fresh churros with chocolate and soft ice-cream. Hot and cool drinks, too.


Freshly baked every day, with a crispy meringue crust and marshmallow-like centre, combined with sugarfree whipped cream and fresh berries in a perfect dessert!

PELMEN käsitöö kohvik

PELMEN artisan coffee-shop brings together what’s most important: local ingredients, artisan skills and traditions.

Restaurant and café Claudz

Super Skypark’s family restaurant offers reasonably priced tray lunches as well as pizzas, pastas and woks à la carte.

Robert’s Coffee T1

A cosy cafe on the ground floor of the mall, offering mostly fresh roasted coffees, teas and house-made gelato for your enjoyment.

SÜSI Grill & Chill

SÜSI Grill & Chill offers grilled delicacies from a charcoal Josper oven, house made burgers, street food, pastas, fresh salads, vegan food and flamboyant desserts.