Oct 18 - Jan 31

Exhibition “Mineraalid-superstaarid! Maa alt koju”

An exhibition being open this Friday allows you to touch nearly a hundred different mineral resources with your own hands

On Friday, 18th October, the interactive exhibition “Mineraalid-superstaarid! Maa alt koju” (“Minerals-Superstars! From Underground to Home”) will open its doors in Tallinn and bring nearly 100 different mineral resources from all over the world to Estonia. At this time of environmental awareness, the exhibition gives an overview of how many things we use on a daily basis the material of which needs to be extracted from the earth in order to be produced.

According to Michael Hitch, Mining Professor at Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech), visitors to the exhibition will learn how many things people use and consume daily that need materials for their production to be brought out from the earth. “Mineral resources surround us everywhere. In the morning, the first thing that wakes us up is a mobile phone which contains about 72 different minerals and rare earth metals. Then you fry eggs on a stainless steel pan which originates from Brazil. You brush your teeth with a toothpaste that contains fluoride from Argentina and go to work driving a car that is made of a lot of different minerals,” Hitch described. The exhibition will feature metal raw materials and minerals from five continents, including raw steel hematite, coloured fluoride crystals, as well as the diverse ore minerals of copper, an indispensable element of today’s technology.

According to Veiko Karu, one of the leaders of the exhibition and Associate Professor of the Institute of Geology at Tallinn University of Technology, he is delighted that an exhibition is being prepared that will first and foremost give schoolchildren the joy of discovering earth sciences. “Scientists from five countries have put their heads together to create a truly engaging exhibition of mineral resources that will make young people think more about a geologist or mining engineer for their future profession,” Karu hopes, confirming that there is high demand for geologists and mining engineers in Estonia and other countries.

While usually at exhibitions, you can look at minerals from behind the glass, then this exhibition allows you to see and touch the exhibits up close. At the exhibition, visitors will receive answers to questions about how the universe and metals were formed or what their journey from the big bang to the present day was like, having became the basis of civilization.

The exhibition has been created by universities and research institutions of five countries: Lorraine University in France, FCT-Universidade Nova de Lisboa in Portugal, Czech Geological Service, University of Oulu in Finland, and TalTech Museum and Institute of Geology.

The exhibition will be open at T1 Mall of Tallinn from 18th October to 5th January, from where it will move on to Tallinn University of Technology and after that to other European countries. The exhibition, free of charge, is primarily targeted at children and young people aged between 8 and 17, but there is plenty of excitement for other visitors as well.

The exhibition is being funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), within the framework of the European project “TravelEx” of the innovation network EIT Raw Materials, which aims to raise the awareness of mineral resources and their value.

TalTech Institute of Geology is a part of the Tallinn University of Technology’s Faculty of Science, which combines science and engineering as well as educates mining professionals. Researchers of the institute also explore which raw materials Estonia will need in the future and what the best technologies for mining them are.


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