T1 Mall of Tallinn will launch a monthly event series “Kids’ Time”!

January 13

Festival atrium, T1 Mall of Tallinn, restoran Helk (3rd floor), Cinamon Cinema (4th floor), 12.00-16.40

Already this Sunday, the shopping and entertainment centre T1 Mall of Tallinn will launch the event series “Kids’ Time”, where different workshops and children’s theatre will be opened for kids and families on the second Sunday of each month. This Sunday, on 13.01.2019, you can meet with Lotte and her friends, and there are many more exciting things to do.  

For this Sunday, January 13th, the following program for children at the Festival Atrium on the 1st floor has been prepared:
at 12.00-16.00 you can make reflectors and named bracelets
at 16.00-16.40 Children’s Theatre “Trumm” will perform with the show “A Story About a Blue Hedgehog”.

Show “The Story About a Blue Hedgehog”
It’s a story about a hedgehog who confuses other wild animals due to its blue colour. They are afraid of the hedgehog and try to avoid it, but in fact, fear has big eyes… Should being different frighten us? How does the story end, do the animals accept the hedgehog and will the life in the forest be fine again? You will see it in the show by Children’s Theatre “Trumm” filled with fun and recognition for both the big and small, own and strangers.
The show is about 40 minutes long.
Playing and singing in the show: Virko Annus, Triin Tüvi and Taavi Lepik
The artist is Andres Varustin
Director: Erki Aule

12.00-16.00 Kids can hug the Super Wings’ mascot Jett (XS Mänguasjad store, 3rd floor, around Festival Atrium).
12.00-16.00 Little young ladies can polish their nails with cool, colourful and wonderfully scented Bo-Po child-friendly nail polish (XS Mänguasjad store, 3rd floor, around Festival Atrium).

And that’s not all by far. Children will have the opportunity to meet Lotte and her friends, who just appeared back in the cinema a week ago in the new cartoon “Lotte and the Lost Dragons”. The characters go around the centre and if you are interested, Lotte and her friends will talk to the kids and take a picture. Also, in the restaurant Helk on the third floor (near Festival Atrium), you can meet the main character of Lotte’s new movie, spitting smoke. The restaurant promises that if a child or family comes with a cinema ticket for the Lotte cartoon purchased from Cinamon T1 cinema, they will serve free ice cream with food.

At the same time, T1 Mall of Tallinn has many offers for children and families, in addition to the general discount.


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