Mick Pedaja Concert and Album Presentation!

December 22

2. korrusel, Festivali aatrium!, 12.00

This Saturday, on 22nd December at 12.00, the first album presentation concert will take place at Intsikurmu KETS on the 2nd floor, where Mick Pedaja is going to introduce his new album “Avaimus”.

The organisers of Intsikurmu Festival opened a lifestyle store, which is also used as exhibition space, a short film cinema, chess cafe, concert hall and the festival office at T1 Mall of Tallinn. Musicians can organise album presentations here. The store sells music, sneakers, brand and festival merch, vintage clothing, KOKOMO coffee, and at the same time, work on the Intsikurmu Festival continues.

The first one to present their new album here is Mick Pedaja. ““Avaimus” means “ava end vaimus” (open your spirit),” says Mick introducing the name and theme of the new album. According to the author, the album conveys thoughts so that we would keep and tolerate each other as parts of nature, and we would think of our heritage – the forest – as a value. We are guests in the forests and we are welcomed there with open arms. Let’s respect the local inhabitants more and the life in it. By opening our spirits, we also open ourselves to nature and then the nature opens up to us.

After the concert, there is an opportunity to purchase a signed album for Christmas.

The store / gallery / office / concert hall / short film cinema Intsikurmu KETS with a new conception on the second floor (Festival atrium) of T1 was launched with a mission to support the distribution and reception of chess, music, art and short films.


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