Froddo is an innovative children's shoe brand from Croatia. In Kaubamaja Lastemaailma, you can find Froddo collections for toddlers who are just starting to take their 
first steps, and also for those who already know how to run. The creators of the brand have been inspired by the idea that a small child does not want to be still, but to 
turn, jump, ride a bike, discover everything and immediately. These activities challenge and challenge the little adventurer, and the right footwear supports progress.

Froddo leather casual shoes and sandals are designed with comfort and functionality in mind, which is why they have an anatomically shaped antibacterial insole that
 follows the child's foot and gives the impression of the foot. Models with two insoles stand out for their innovation. Each child's feet are different, so you can test which 
width fits better. In addition, single soles are available if the foot has grown larger and needs more internal space to develop properly. Shoes manufactured in Europe are 
suitable for F small children because they are both comfortable and beautiful.


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