Froddo is an innovative children’s shoe brand from Croatia. Kaubamaja’s Children’s Department presents collections by Froddo for toddlers who are just starting to take their first steps, as well as for those who are already good runners. The creators of the brand have been inspired by the idea that a small child does not want to sit still, but to climb, jump, ride a bike, discover, and to do it all here and now. These activities challenge the little adventurers and force them to make an effort, so the right footwear will help them progress.

Froddo’s casual leather shoes and sandals are designed with comfort and functionality in mind, which is why they have an anatomically shaped antibacterial insole that adapts to the child’s foot and ensures stability. Models with two insoles stand out for their innovation. Each child’s feet are different, so you can test which width fits better. One of the insoles can be removed if the feet grow and need more space to develop properly. Froddo shoes, made in Europe, are ideal for small children because they are both comfortable and nice.


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