T1 Mall of Tallinn respects your privacy and protects your personal data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Below is an overview of the principles of processing personal data related to cookies.

Use of cookies

We use cookies to collect certain information and data in order to provide tailored information and the best user experience on our website www.t1tallinn.com. This will enable us (and authorised third persons) to provide you a seamless experience on our website, to improve the website and ensure that you will easily find what you need.

What are cookies?

Cookies are tiny text files sent to a user’s device from the websites visited, unless the user has blocked some or all cookies in his/her browser preferences. Cookies enable to recognize the user’s device when visiting a website.

Cookies can be divided by term of expiry:

  • Temporary cookies, or session cookies, enable to temporarily track the user’s activity during a browsing session, i.e. from opening a browser window until closing it, or up to 4 hours after the last page view.
  • Persistent cookies are saved in the user’s device for a longer period as determined in the cookie, and are activated each time the user visits the website which placed the cookie.

Cookies can be divided by ownership:

  • First-party cookies originate from the website viewed by the user. Websites may use these cookies to store information which can be reused when the user visits the website again. For the purposes of processing of personal data, first-party cookies are placed by the data controller (or its authorised processor) operating the website in question.
  • Third-party cookies may originate, for example, from other websites’ advertisements displayed on the website visited by the user. For the purposes of processing of personal data, third-party cookies are placed by another data controller, who is not the operator of the website visited by the user.

Cookies can be divided by purpose:

  • Essential cookies are essential for moving around on the website, using the website’s features and providing the services requested by the user. The website and the services requested by the user cannot be provided without these cookies.
  • Analytics cookies collect information about how people use the website, such as which pages are most frequently visited or which error messages are the users getting on pages. The information thus collected is grouped together and anonymized. These cookies help improve the performance of our website.
  • Functionality cookies allow us to remember the choices made by users (e.g. text size and other parts of pages that you can customize) or to remember your details (user name, language, country of location) to provide for more personalized and convenient use of the website.
  • Advertising cookies enable to deliver marketing and advertising messages tailored to the user, and to conduct market research and analysis based on what users have browsed, purchased or shown interest in. The information gathered may be shared with advertising networks and providers of advertising services.

How do we use cookies?

T1 Mall of Tallinn uses cookie information to make our website more user-friendly and provide you personalized recommendations. We may also use authorised third persons to place cookies on our website to provide the services requested by us. We may use session cookies so you will not have to re-enter the information already entered on another page. 

How to manage cookies?

You can decide whether to accept cookies or not. If you wish to know when your device accepts a cookie, you can adjust your browser’s notification preferences accordingly. That way, you can opt to accept or reject individual cookies. You can also set your device to block all cookies. However, please note that certain parts and functionalities of our website may not work for you after blocking all cookies.


T1 Mall of Tallinn protects your personal data by appropriate technical and operational measures. To prevent unauthorised access and ensure the integrity of data, we use one-way encryption when processing sensitive information. Access to personal sections of the www.t1tallinn.com website requires a username and password. You are responsible for protecting your password to prevent unauthorised access. When using a public computer, please make sure to log out after each session to prevent other users from accessing your data.

Changes to cookie policy

T1 Mall of Tallinn may change this policy at any time. We recommend that you regularly review this policy to be aware how T1 Mall of Tallinn processes your personal data.


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