On 9 September at 1 pm, the renowned Púr Múdd will fill the center with its pleasant, mystical rhythms, accompanied by the always brilliant Grete Paia. 

In addition to the good music, many cool T1 hobby groups will liven up the day by introducing themselves. The D7 Dance School and LifeDance will show off their dance moves, while Arte do Brasil-Capoeira Estônia, the Kontakt sports club, the graceful and unique Le Glaive fencing club, and the Ministry of Climbing will help you to make sporty fall plans.  The icing on the cake will be the Boudoir Live market, which will be held on the second floor on the same day, so that everyone will find a reason to come to our center! 

  Come to T1 on 9 September and start off the new school year in a particularly memorable way. 



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