Kids’ Time

March 10

1st floor, Festival Atrium , 12:00-16:00

Kids’ Time

12:00-15:00 We will fold, paint and decorate paper airplanes and compete for the longest flight with the planes.

15:00-15:35 Children’s show “Seitsme maa ja mere taga” (“Beyond the Seven Seas”).


A story about two suitors coming to the princess at the same time. How to solve the situation? The solution lies far beyond the seven lands and seas. The show has a lot of spirited music and communication with the audience.

Performing: Children’s Theatre “Mäng”

Actors: Horre Saluste and Indrek Kruusimaa

14:00-14:40 We are introducing to the kids and their parents a little-known and exciting oriental martial art called Kudo. Kudo combines several different martial arts. The enthusiasts of this sport can also compete in other martial arts such as kickboxing, boxing, judo, BJJ, etc.
Do you know what is Kudo? What are its kicking and wrestling techniques like? How to use the equipment in Kudo? Come and have a look on Sunday! We will have three matches complying with the rules of Kudo on site. Pavel Bogatski, a coach from First Fighting Club (Estonian Champion in Kudo and kickboxing, winner of international tournaments, European Champion) and young sportsmen from the club will be sharing the knowledge and skills of Kudo.


Workshop for kids at Charlot! Photo frames in mosaic technique.


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