Kids’ Time – Mother’s Day

May 12

1st floor of the Festival Atrium, 12:00-16:00

Kids’ Time – Mother’s Day


12:00-15:00 Skriveru chocolate truffle workshop 

Come and make a sweet gift for your mom! With the help of Skriveru candy store’s sweet-masters, we are going to make delicious chocolate truffles.

Sweets can also be bought at the on-site pop-up shop.


12:00-15:00 Crazy Art Studio takes playful photos

When was the last time you took a photo with your mother? A unique photo studio will be there with its own pop-up photo corner, where you can take cool emotion photos using various accessories and costumes.

An EUR 20 Crazy Art Studio gift card will be drawn between everyone purchasing a photo.


15:00-15:30 Miku-Manni Children’s Theatre “Muinasjutt päeval magavast kuningatütrest” (“A Fairy Tale of a Princess Sleeping during the Day”)

But the father of the princess – the old king is sad, because he has not seen his daughter awake and smiling for a long time. So he decides to summon all the daring, strong and brave – that maybe one of them will be able to wake up the royal daughter with some brave tricks. But at the end of the fairy-tale, the princess wakes up to something so simple that nobody had thought of in the castle so far.


Author, Composer, Artist, Director: Laura Lind

Actors: Laura Lind and Janek Joost

Costume Designers: Lembe Sihvre

Musical Designer: Viktor Gurjev


Bag, suitcase and accessory store Caprisa will draw five lovely and soft toy turtles between all little theatre guests in the kids’ area.

In addition, everyone purchasing a bag or suitcase from the store will receive a gift!


The venue of the event is the 1st floor of the Festival Atrium.

The day is hosted by Renx!



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