Jüri Pootsmann’s spring concert plus an exciting lingerie show!

April 9

T1 Keskuse 1.korruse kesk-aatrium , 14:00

Spring into Spring at the T1 Tallinn! 

A long-awaited spring is showing its first signs! Even though we still have to wait for the warmth of spring to arrive, there’s even a greater reason to come to our center — in addition to nice offerings, we welcome you to our spring events.

Already this Saturday, 9 April, the superstar Jüri Pootsmann will perform on our stage. A lingerie show will catch your eyes, and the Barra Crew dance troupe will get your feet moving. A breathing therapist and happiness trainer will guarantee a good time. 

In addition, there is the opportunity to enjoy Kristi and Triin Samoson’s “Woman as a Femme Fatale, Review Exhibition 2019-2020”. 

A more specific schedule:
14.00 Jüri Pootsmann
14.45 Vogue dancers – the Barra Crew dance troupe
15.00 Lingerie fashion show
15.30 Monika Palm –  Breathing-a real gift to yourself!
16.30 Dalí Getter Karat – The art of being happy: how to get peace now and find happiness! 

This entertaining day will be hosted by Andres Torm 

The following are participating in and supporting the event:
Näitus ”Kärud”
Green Beauty

See you this Saturday at the T1 Tallinn! 




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