Future Live!, Estonia’s first innovative interactive future world, opens in Tallinn

June 18

Festival Atrium, 2nd floor,

On 18 June, Future Live! opened at T1 Mall of Tallinn. It is a virtual interactive exhibition for the whole family and the first of its kind in Estonia. The fantastic galaxy with its Avatar-like design unites science, interactive entertainment and different generations. In this family-friendly future world, it is the visitors themselves that select, build and create.

Future Live! was unveiled two years ago and has proven to be a very popular activity. Approximately 400,000 people have already visited this innovative and entertaining exhibition.

Future Live! consists of 15 exhibits, including virtual space that explains the birth and lifecycle of stars, as well as interactive plants from the future galaxy, which can be painted and move interactively. The action continues with visitors drawing images or bringing their photos up on a large screen on the back of some fictional creature. Another great adventure is the interactive sandpit, where visitors can build mountains, seas, deserts and aquatic creatures, and destroy them, all with their bare hands.

Active video game fans can fight aliens and UFOs on an interactive wall, participate in live precision dancing competition, and swing between the skyscrapers in a major city.

In the virtual reality room, you will forget everything around you by travelling to a distant planet, participating in ski jumping, or getting involved in a shootout with cowboys from the Wild West.

At Future Live!, there are guides that can explain how the attractions work to families, groups and individual visitors. In other locations, a visit to Future Live! has taken an average of 1 to 3 hours.

Future Live! “Galaxy of the Future” covers 1,500 square metres on the second floor of the T1 Mall of Tallinn.

Groups can book their visits

Monday-Friday 14-20
Saturday-Sunday  10-21




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