A photo exhibition „Udu“ (“Mist”)

February 21

1.korrus, Art Space, 10:00-21:00

Tallinn Art Space is going to open Jaak Visnap’s photo exhibition “Udu” (“Mist”) on Friday, 21st February, at 6 pm.

The key word of the photographic art exhibition is “metaphysics”. The photos are taken on the beaches of Tallinn, and yet the places we all know and see there are special – as we look at them, we can reflect on the true nature of the world as well as the essence of time and space.

Artist Raul Meel has said about these photos: “There is a psychic moment working quite clearly and powerfully in these photos – a moment that stops a lively situation, just as a silently frightening divergence, just as a quiet haunting cut-off.”

Jaak Visnap (born 1975) is a photographic, painting, graphic, video and action artist, curator, promoter of art and culture, developer, and visionary. He has published the newspaper “My First Art Collection”, is the producer of the graphics collections “Love in the 21st Century” and “Freedom in the 21st Century”, has participated in international exhibitions, seminars and symposiums, and has organised exhibitions in Estonia and abroad. The exhibition presents the creative best of Visnap’s photographic art of the past decade.

Exhibition info: Jaak Visnap 55604631

T1 Mall of Tallinn, 1st floor.


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