A big interactive international exhibition of the most advanced robots and future technologies will be opened in Tallinn!

December 20

2nd floor, Festival atrium., 10.00-22.00

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74 most up-to-date robots will be exhibited at the unique exhibition “City of Robots” which arrived at the Tallinn immediately after presentations in Las Vegas, Berlin and Beijing.Probably, it is the first project in the field of robotics industry in Estonia created for visitors of any ages without any professional knowledge.One can communicate, play, control and even dance.

“City of Robots” has been successfully exhibited in more than 30 Russian cities and it became the biggest exhibition of robots in the Eastern Europe.It should be noted that the project is a private initiative independent from the government of any state.It is implemented jointly by Russian and Latvian engineers and organisers.

The robot in “City of Robots” copy human emotions, gesticulate just like people and even chat with the sense of humour.At the exhibition the visitors will see a miniature sensation robot manufactured by Toyota, a realistic robotic spider from Guinness Book of World Records and a dancing robot from the next generation of smart robots.

Many exhibits were interpreted into Estonian language specially for better understanding and communication with visitors.
At the exhibition “City of Robots” the citizens of Tallinn will be surely surprised by the world’s first flower robot, robotic scorpion climbing up the mountains, the world’s first robotic fish from Korea and French robot Reeti.By the way, they will be exhibited in Estonia for the first time.

The visitors will taste coffee from robotic barista Monty, they will make friends with a whole army of humanoid robots, and the cartoon character Lightning McQueen will be activated by a touch!The robots can be controlled by a wave of the hand, turn of the head and even a smile.

A special technology will photograph visitors in 3D format and will stop the time in a jump – in the photo the guests will look just like in “Matrix” film.In the neighbouring game zone one can try on the suit of Tony Stark – Iron Man.

The exhibition will also present robots which are capable of doing housework instead of a human: wash window glasses, look after children and pets.

In addition, visitors of “City of Robots” will see a performance in the theatre of robots and a show of dancing lightnings.

The borderlines between reality and the virtual world disappear at the exhibition “City of Robots”.Holograms levitate in the air!To see them, one doesn’t need to put on special glasses.One can control holograms all around and get inside the objects using the advanced technologies developed both by major global companies and by small start-ups from different countries.

The exhibition is supplemented by a separate space where one can try space technologies.Using the most precise sensors, one can turn into a real star and live its life cycle.One can go up to space in a lift and see all layers of atmosphere during the flight.One can send his or her voice to a light pipe, the special software will process the voice in a way it sounded in atmospheres of other planets.

– We tell children, grandmothers and grandfathers about technologies which will change our life tomorrow, Ivan Matiukhin, the project manager tells.– A guide is available near each exhibit, he/she will tell you about the operating principle of each technology and, of course, will let you try everything.On the stands we always post photos of robots’ developers showing the children that they are people, just like we.Each person has got a chance to change our world.

The exhibition has already been visited by over 3 million people in the Eastern Europe.Now the citizens of Tallinn can get into the world of the future also.

Estonian start-ups and educational institutions will also take part in the exhibition.

Note please: the exhibition will stay in Tallinn for 32 days only: from the 20th of December, 2018 till the 20th of January, 2019, after which it will relocate to some other European capital.

Opening hours: 10.00-22.00
Holiday season:
24.12 10.00-20.00
25.12 12.00-22.00
26.12 10.00-22.00
31.12 10.00-20.00
01.01 12.00-22.00

To learn more about “City of Robots” and visit the exhibition as a journalist, contact the exhibition supervisor – Kristina Balina.Tel.:+7(965)596-92-26 (Telegram, WhatsApp, Phone).

You find City of Robots on the 2-nd floor, next to Festival atrium.


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