The Tibetan Mastiff Special Show 01.03.2020

March 1

3. floor, 12:00-16:00

The Tibetan Mastiff Special Show will bring together different Tibetan Mastiffs from all over Estonia and beyond. Three color groups will be present – black, blue and gold. As this is a very popular breed in Estonia, it is possible to see dogs of different sizes, types and temperaments in various age groups from juniors to veterans.

The Mastiff Special Show will demonstrate to the visitors rarely seen and rare Mastiff breeds. Mallorca Mastiff, Dogo Argentino, Pyrenean Mastiff, English Mastiff. Italian mastiff (cane corso) is slightly more known and seen.

In addition to watching the dogs on the spot, you will be able to talk to the dog owners and hear more about this exciting breed.

12.00 START
Special Show of Tibetan Mastiffs

Mastiff Special Show “Mastiff Winner 2020”

Starting at 14:00
14:00   Italian Cane Corso (343)
Bullmastiff (157)
Mastiff (264)
Dogue De Bordeaux (116)
14:30   Tosa (260)
Dogo Argentino (292)
Neapolitan Mastiff (197)
Majorca Mastiff (249)
Pyrenean Mastiff (92)
14:55   Extra competition    1 Junior handler
15:00   Best show of the day, judge Ilona Onstenk-Schenk, HOLLAND

16:00 The end


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