A new standard of retail and entertainment


In November 2018, the new T1 Mall of Tallinn was opened at the heart of Estonia’s capital – a shopping and entertainment centre unlike any other built in Estonia and the Baltics so far and featuring an extravagant landmark unique in whole Europe.


T1 Mall of Tallinn’s location is and shall remain a key advantage over all new shopping malls built in any European capital.

Tallinn’s centre lies 4 km from the Mall and the airport is just 1 km away. The tram taking passengers from the city to airport and vice versa stops on a new city square right in front of the Mall. Buses to St. Petersburg, Riga and Estonian cities will be stopping at one corner of the Mall. At the other corner lies the future main terminal for Rail Baltic, Estonia’s new railway connection to the rest of Europe, serving hundreds of thousands passengers a year.

According to specialists, a shopping centre that is essentially a gate to the whole city, or having such a comprehensive transport hub in the heart of a capital city in the first place, is unique in the Nordic countries and all of Europe.

Emotions and entertainment. On the roof of T1 Mall of Tallinn, a Ferris wheel rising 120 metres above sea level will be the first of its kind in Europe. Only 5 similar structures exist worldwide, all of them in Asia.

Beneath the wheel, on the 4th floor of the Mall, an entertainment centre on 6,500 m2 will offer science, music and all sorts of climbing, jumping and play for children. According to a survey conducted in Scandinavia and the Baltics, the new family entertainment centre could attract up to 45,000 new tourists to the country annually.

As part of its fast expansion in the Baltics and Nordic countries, international cinema operator Cinamon shall establish its flagship multiplex movie theatre in the Mall, complete with the world’s newest technology and subtle interiors. The Mall has several other unique features, such as the largest whole foods market in the Baltics and a huge Food & Beverage area on 5,500 m2.

Interior solutions

The era of low-ceiling maze-like shopping centres is coming to an end throughout the world. At a time of fast developments in e-commerce, a visit to a shopping centre should be a distinct pleasurable experience not only in terms of shopping but the overall environment and atmosphere as well. This is exactly what T1 Mall of Tallinn’s concept is designed to offer. With ceilings up to 7 metres high, glass-dome atriums breaking through all floors to let in the sunlight, novel sound and lighting solutions and various attractions, the visitors shall feel as enjoying pastime in the city or in a park.

“We shall not build a dull and mediocre box. We shall create something fabulous, something previously unseen around here. Something so great that it sets a new standard hardly reachable for others. This is how I have been taught to think in Pro Kapital since 1997, and 20 years later those very principles are underlying the construction of T1 Mall of Tallinn – a shopping and entertainment centre unique in all the Baltics. Like the experts of our field flocked to the Mall of Scandinavia in 2015, they will be coming to T1 Mall of Tallinn in 2018.“ Allan Remmelkoor, management board member of Pro Kapital, on the development of T1 Mall of Tallinn.



  • 55,000 m2 shopping area with over 200 stores
  • 15,000 m2 entertainment area, including
  • 6,500 m2 of family entertainment
  • 3,000 m2 cinema
  • 5,500 m2 food & beverage area
  • 1,500 parking places
  • first-in-Europe rooftop Ferris wheel rising 120 m above sea level
  • 5-7 m high shopfronts
  • 4 floors
  • Total investment 75 mln euros


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