Bumper car arena

Bumper car arena


Speed around, do U-turns and cause collisions with the innovative electric bumper cars!

Our bumper cars are unique in the Baltics and provide safe driving fun for ages 8 and up. The battery-powered cars allow for powerful acceleration and 360-degree turns. Most importantly – all is safe and painless thanks to the rubber bumper surrounding the car.

The arena has a total of 14 bumper cars. The vehicles are controlled by two levers, with gas, brakes and steering combined. This makes driving easy for anyone, regardless of previous experience and skills. Bumper cars are suitable for children at least 8 years old and 120 cm tall. For grown-ups, too.

A bumper car starts with a token (2 euro), available at the Super Skypark cashiers and shop. One token allows for a 3-minute ride. The arena has a live queue.


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