World’s second airport parking lot located in shopping center to open at new T1 Mall of Tallinn leisure center!


Automation and efficient public transport are changing airport parking. The strengths of the new service are convenience and affordable prices.

The rapid development of digital booking systems and efficient public transport offer airline passengers more flexible and affordable parking.

This innovative service, developed in Finland, is provided by GoParking, which specializes in airport parking and is a flexible, customer-friendly and affordable way to park your car.

The world’s first airport parking facility inside a shopping mall is GoParking Jumbo at Helsinki-Vantaa.

In Tallinn, the trendsetter is the T1 Mall of Tallinn offering airline passengers not only parking, but also shopping. The mall and the airport are connected by a tram line, and the trip takes only three minutes.

“We want to take part in the realization of new innovative ideas in our shopping center,” says Allan Remmelkoor, managing director of T1 Mall of Tallinn.

On a large digital screen installed in the shopping center, travellers can see the timetables of departing flights as well as trams.

Airline passengers no longer need to sit at the airport, but can go to the mall to shop or just relax.

GoParking, which specializes in serving air travelers, has rapidly expanded its operations. The company provides airport parking in the Jumbo shopping center in Helsinki-Vantaa, as well as Lappeenranta and Tallinn. The company is now planning rapid expansion to other parts of Europe.

”In Tallinn, in addition to the T1 Mall, we have airport parking at Sepise 8. In addition to air travelers, both parking areas are also perfect for people visiting Estonia by car. From both parking facilities passengers can conveniently take a tram to the Tallinn city center,” says Jesse Paananen, chairman of GoParking.

“Our parking fees are always attractive and competitive,” continues Paananen.

“In the future, we also plan to provide air terminal services at the T1 shopping center. In addition to parking, passengers will be able to check themselves and their luggage in,” says Jesse Paananen.

GoParking is a fully online service. Customers can book a parking space at: and


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