When choosing footwear for children, every parent knows that only the best will do. All parents wish their children to wear practical and comfortable quality footwear, which should also be stylish, fashionable and good-looking. This is exactly what Milani, one of the leading kids’ footwear retailers in the Baltics, is out to offer in T1.

In Milani, you will find a wide range of footwear for all tastes and for children of all ages. Each parent probably knows that children never have enough footwear, not least because their feet grow fast and last season’s shoes or boots may no longer fit. And of course, children’s lives are exciting and diverse: they want to go out in every weather, practice sports, dancing and lots of other activities, all of which require different shoes.

Milani offers a selection of renowned and popular brands like GEOX, KEDDO, Betsy, Sprox, BARTEK, IMAC, ECCO, Baby Sky etc. A variety of designs in different price ranges and the high quality of our products will surely please every parent and their fashionable youngsters.


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