Very Hard


Very Hard


Estonian young fashion designers’ shop VERY HARD

Very Hard is a platform for fashion designers that aims to connect, support and present alternative designers to audiences. The physical green screen gallery store symbolizes, however, the understanding of borderless fashion, which on the one hand adds spice to the scene of Estonian fashion boutiques, but at the same time creates endless self-realization opportunities for our rising Estonian designers, who can demonstrate their works to public and shock everyday customers of the centre all year round thanks to Very Hard.

“Very Hard is a huge experiment with both personal expression and the centre’s audience, but the aim is not to scare anyone, but vice versa, to touch and offer a new emotion,” commented creators of Very Hard Kertu Kivisik, Kreeta Aidla and Andreas Kübar. The store has put together more than 20 different fashion, jewelry and product designers’ works in a single cabinet. Very Hard opens the door of this cabinet and what is looking from inside is a real virtual green mold.


The community shop of young fashion designers is characterized by constant change and movement, which provides an opportunity to meet the wishes of our designers and at the same time, keep the place always fresh for visitors.


“Fashion is not glamor and champagne, it’s really Very Hard”



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