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Brage by ÉSTIE


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Brage by ÉSTIE is a Scandinavian clothing store dedicated to men.

Our mission is to provide residents of the Baltic and Nordic countries with a range of products that will suit them.

The people of the Nordic countries differ in both mentality and constitution from the inhabitants of Southern Europe, from where, however, most of the world’s luxury brands come from.

We want our clients to have products suitable for the seasons of our climate. When it is still chilly on the streets in mid-April, you can find a light jacket on the racks of our store and not just summer T-shirts and swimming trunks.

Restrained and calm nature characterizes the inhabitants of the north. That is why you can find so many products in pastel and neutral colors from our store. We understand that the inner world is much more important than the outer one and therefore it should be the focus of attention.

All products listed in our store claim the status of premium and high class. We are in personal acquaintance with the representatives of the Brands and we know the materials from which the goods are made, as well as the production technology.Therefore the quality of the goods won’t cause any issues and the price is corresponding.

The range will constantly expand as many Brands are interested to be represented in our store, so keep yourself informed.


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