Body Worlds

Body Worlds


Open Monday to Sunday 12.00-20.00

Entrance and ticket sales close at 7 p.m.

Body Worlds exhibition is open in Tallinn until February 21nd, 2021.


Ground-breaking Body Worlds Exhibition Opens in Estonia

Original exhibition Body Worlds by Dr Gunther von Hagens dedicated to human anatomy and experienced by more than 50 million people worldwide opens in Estonia. The exhibition of human bodies preserved through the unique process of plastination will be open to visitors from 7 February in the T1 Mall of Tallinn.

The primary goal of the exhibition is to raise people’s awareness of the human body and its function. What is more, it provides a complete picture of various stages in the development of the human body, including a highly realistic comparison of a number of healthy and disease-affected organs. This world-renowned exhibition prompts visitors to think about the function of our bodies and the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle as well as the unique nature – simultaneously fragile and resilient – of our bodies.

Invented by Dr Gunther von Hagens in 1977, plastination is an ever-evolving method that makes it possible to display the human body in its entirety, realistically, from every possible angle and in every imaginable position and stage of development.

At Body Worlds, visitors can, for example, examine a football player’s each and every muscle in action while kicking a ball or the interior of a hockey player captured precisely at the moment they are knocked over.

Plastination is a complex process used to stop the decomposition of a deceased body by removing all fluids and fat and replacing them with silicone. All bodies displayed at the travelling exhibition are from people who donated their bodies to science. The Institute for Plastination founded in 1993 in Germany has around 19,000 registered body donors.



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