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5.0 Robotics


5.0 ROBOTICS puts you back in control of your time, your creative ideas and your future.
We´ve made our CNC solutions industrial level and easy to operate for everyone so inspired entrepreneurs around the world can bring their ideas to reality.

Here at 5.0 ROBOTICS, we design and manufacture industrial quality CNC machines chosen by small and medium-sized entrepreneurs worldwide and top-notch businesses like a successful UK F1 team!
Each machine is handcrafted and customised in one of our workshops in Estonia, Ireland and Australia.
In order to guarantee the best quality and reliability, we follow the “one man, one machine” principle.

This means that qualified engineer builds and adjusts the full machine from start to end and puts his name on it!
We use state-of-the-art IT systems to manage our production and control every little detail of the building process.
Each bolt is tightened to the correct level and protected against corrosion and vibration with Loctite.

We offer two families of CNCs – The Executive series and The Symbiosis.
Both families of machines are sharing the same principle: best in the class industrial grade CNC, able to process a multitude of different materials.


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