”What does Anita Sibul do?” is the question I often hear and see about myself in the media. I fully take the blame for people asking this question. Sharing anything other than success related to my social media accounts makes me think, “Ah, why me”. I totally cheer for others, though. But this myth about influencers, that if you didn’t share it, you didn’t go or do it, I want to refute. In my case, it’s probably just the opposite, because the busier I am, the less I post.
I started my YouTube channel at the age of 15 for fun and inspiration. By the end of high school, at the age of 19, the word “fun” had been replaced by “source of income”, and I yearned to move to Tallinn. But for living on my own, I didn´t earn enough income from YouTube, and by then, also Instagram. So, I didn’t know what to do. My intuition told me that a gap year was a pretty good idea, so I didn’t apply for university. And my intuition didn’t lie. A week or two later, a friend of mine called me about the idea of making a training company for middle-school students. So, we did it. I took my last savings with me and moved to the desired Tallinn, without knowing if anyone would want these trainings at all. At that moment, of course, the joy of doing something was so great that there was not much time to think about failure. It turned out that interest was high. Next to it, I continued to develop my social media, I learned how to manage others’ accounts, how to do make-up and write business plans. Due to my flexible schedule, I found out what rhythm of life was right for me. 

My motto in life is to follow intuition. It helped me back then, and it still keeps me happy. Based on this, I choose which project to take and when to leave it.

Rubber boots 29,95 €, Verenni

Red dress by Monton 69,96 €, Verenni

Beige coat by Monton 119,95 €, Verenni

Glasses 15,95 €, Verenni

Dress 63,20 €, Saint

Fur coat 22,99 €, Infur

Boots 44,08 €, NS King

Coat 111€, Debenhams

Dress 64 €, Debenhams

Boots 59,99 €, Salamander

Bag 39,99 €, Carpisa

Dress 69 €, Ridikyl

Hat 59,50 €, Ridikyl

Shoes 37,95 €, NS King

Jacket 42 €, Debenhams

Skirt 28 €, Debenhams

Shoes 75,95 €, Vagabond

Bag 39,99 €, Carpisa

Sweater 39 €, Saint

Trousers 30,32 €, Saint

Boots 99,95 €, Vagabond

Bag 69,95 €, Vagabond

Pants 23,50 €, Debenhams

Coat 279,30 €, Persona

Boots 54,98 €, Vagabond

Bag 35,95 €, Carpisa

Dress 89,99 €, Althea

Boots 24,48 €, NS King

Glasses 35 €, Desire

Sweats 69,30 €, Saint

Sneakers 27,95 €, NS King

Leotard by Guess 60 €, Denim Dream

Skirt 69 €, Denim Dream


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