XVIII century. Difficult and frustrating period of Peter I’s times.. The Emperor is trying in every way to develop commercial and political ties with European countries. And this requires a lot of money, so Peter I commands his young Guardian officer, Ivan Demarin, to go to the then Siberian capital, Tobolsk, and bring knowledge of gold in distant lands. Being there, I. Demarin finds not only many prisoners – Swedish officers, accommodated here after the won battle in Poltava, but also find  love of his life – the daughter of the Siberian geographer Remezov. He has formed a team of 200 people from local recruits and young officers who arrived with him, and he searches for the gold of far-flung Jarkend. A treacherous conspiracy of local dukes, a peaceful expedition to a military invasion. I. Demarin and his regiment fall into the captivity of thousands of cruel and wild jungarians.



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