Estonian Sky


Estonian Sky

Eesti Taevas: Nähtamatud Teejuhid

Every year more than 230 000 aircraft fly through the Estonian airspace transporting 35 million passengers to their destinations. When it is rush hour in the sky, the workload in Estonian airspace is often on the par with Western European large nations. It demands careful planning and control to keep air traffic flowing safely and efficiently. Our daily guest is Russian air force – they cause remarkable trouble as they are not interested in cooperation and civil aircraft must be re-directed away from these planes. In Tallinn work never stops for air traffic controllers who carefully direct every aircraft to a safe distance from each other with surgical precision. The short documentary film takes you to the highly secured facility of Tallinn air traffic control and shows the everyday life of the specialists responsible for our skies. The air traffic controllers also explain what technology and methods are used to guide air traffic and what causes the most stress on this job. Besides taking you to the controller work position, the film is filled with totally unique aviation footage including rare shots of Russian air force planes spotted by NATO air forces.



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